You can find here current working papers, publications, and permanent working papers.

Working papers

Risk Aversion and Savings Behavior (with Antoine Bommier and Lionel Wilner). September 2023. [abs] [bib]

Redistribution and the Wage-Price Dynamics: Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy (with Xavier Ragot and Thomas Bourany). July 2023. [abs] [bib]

Should we Increase or Decrease Public Debt? Optimal Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Xavier Ragot). April 2023. R&R at Journal of Political Economy. [abs] [bib]

Should Monetary Policy Care About Redistribution? Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Alaïs Martin-Baillon and Xavier Ragot). GitHub. December 2022. Revisions requested at Review of Economic Studies. [abs] [bib]

Uncovering Asset Market Participation from Household Consumption and Income (with Veronika Czellar and René Garcia). Online Appendix. August 2022. R&R at Journal of Econometrics. [abs] [bib]

Fintech Lending Under Austerity (with Yan Alperovych and Anantha Divakaruni). August 2022. [abs] [bib]

Recursive Preferences and the Value of Life. Theory and Application to Epidemics (with Antoine Bommier and Daniel Harenberg). Julia codes. July 2022. [abs] [bib]

The Welfare of Nations: Do Social Preferences Matter for the Macroeconomy? (with Xavier Ragot and Diego Rodrigues). April 2022. [abs] [bib]

Recursive Preferences, the Value of Life, and Household Finance (with Antoine Bommier, Daniel Harenberg and Cormac O’Dea). March 2022. R&R at Management Science. [abs] [bib]

The Variance Risk Premium in Crude Oil Futures Markets: Incorporating the OVX Time Series in a Stochastic Volatility Model (with Lorenz Schneider). January 2022. [abs] [bib]

Interest Rate and Existence of Stationary Equilibria in Incomplete Insurance-Market Economies (with Xavier Ragot). February 2020. [abs] [bib]


Penultimate working paper versions of publications are linked.

Optimal Policies with Heterogeneous Agents: Truncation and Transitions (with Xavier Ragot). Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 2023. [abs] [bib] [pub]

The Impact of Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Aversion on Annuity and Saving Choices (with Eric André and Antoine Bommier). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 65, August 2022, pp. 33-56. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Refining the Truncation Method to Solve Heterogeneous-Agent Models (with Xavier Ragot). Annals of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 146, June 2022, pp. 65-91. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Managing Inequality over Business Cycles: Optimal Policies with Heterogeneous Agents and Aggregate Shocks (with Xavier Ragot). International Economic Review, Vol. 63(1), February 2022, pp. 511-540. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Sovereign Default and Liquidity: The Case for a World Safe Asset (with Xavier Ragot). Journal of International Economics, Vol. 131, July 2021, pp. 103462. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Defaulting Firms and Systemic Risks in Financial Networks: A Normative Approach (with Nicolas Houy and Frédéric Jouneau-Sion). Economic Theory, Vol. 70, July 2020, pp. 503-526. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimizing Treatment Combination for Lymphoma Using an Optimization Heuristic (with Nicolas Houy). Mathematical Biosciences, Vol. 315, September 2019, pp. 108227. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Ambiguity and Endogenous Discounting? (with Antoine Bommier and Asen Kochov). Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 83, August 2019, pp. 48-62. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Personalized Oncology with Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Temozolomide (with Nicolas Houy). Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Vol. 99, August 2019, pp. 101693. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Perron-Frobenius Theory Recovers More Than What You Might Think: The Example of Limited Participation. Economics Letters, Vol. 174, January 2019, pp. 186-188. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Risk Aversion and Precautionary Savings in Dynamic Settings (with Antoine Bommier). Fortran codes. Management Science, Vol. 65(3), March 2019, pp. 1386-1397. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimizing Immune Cell Therapies with Artificial Intelligence (with Nicolas Houy). Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 461, January 2019, pp. 34-40. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimal Dynamic Regimens with Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Temozolomide (with Nicolas Houy). PLoS ONE, Vol. 13(6), June 2018, pp. e0199076. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Administration of Temozolomide: Comparison of Conventional and Metronomic Chemotherapy Regimens (with Nicolas Houy). Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 446, June 2018, pp. 71-78. [abs] [bib] [pub]

A Class of Tractable Incomplete-Market Models for Studying Asset Returns and Risk Exposure (with Xavier Ragot). European Economic Review, Vol. 103, April 2018, pp. 39-59. [abs] [bib] [pub]

On Monotone Recursive Preferences (with Antoine Bommier and Asen Kochov). Econometrica, Vol. 85(5), September 2017, pp. 1433-1466. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Existence of Equilibria in Exhaustible Resource Markets with Economies of Scale and Inventories (with Antoine Bommier and Lucas Bretschger). Economic Theory, Vol. 63(3), March 2017, pp. 687-721. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Incomplete Markets and Derivative Assets (with Xavier Ragot). Economic Theory, Vol. 62(3), August 2016, pp. 517-545. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Too Risk Averse to Purchase Insurance? A Theoretical Glance at the Annuity Puzzle (with Antoine Bommier). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 48(2), April 2014, pp. 135-166. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Incomplete Markets, Liquidation Risk and the Term Structure of Interest Rates (with Edouard Challe and Xavier Ragot). Technical Appendix. Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 148(6), November 2013, pp. 2483-2519. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Comparative Risk Aversion: A Formal Approach with Applications to Saving Behaviors (with Antoine Bommier and Arnold Chassagnon). Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 147(4), July 2012, pp. 1614-1641. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Permanent Working Papers

Recursive Preferences and the Value of Life: A Clarification (with Antoine Bommier and Daniel Harenberg). January 2021. [abs] [bib]

A Robust Approach to Risk Aversion (with Antoine Bommier). September 2014. [abs] [bib]

Nelson and Siegel, No-Arbitrage and Risk Premium. February 2008. [abs] [bib]